Studio D&G
Full Service hair salon in Upper Montclair, NJ


    60 Min       90 Min

Swedish massage  

  $80.00   $115.00
  Our most frequently asked for massage style, Swedish Massage is deeply relaxing, invigorating and improves circulation. Five basic strokes are used with varied pressure to manipulate muscles and fascia. Classic Swedish massage is a great style for de-stressing and rejuvenating.         

Deep Tissue

  $95.00   $125.00
          An intense approach to releasing muscle adhesions, breaking up scar tissue and rehabilitating muscle injuries. Cross fiber strokes and deep pressure from elbows, knuckles and thumbs are used to release chronically tense muscles and promote healthier muscle tone.        

Hot Stone

  $100.00    $125.00
  The Hot Stone Massage is an experience beyond all others. Smooth, hot stones are applied to the body to relax muscles and relieve aches. The heat allows our massage therapists to work deeper, and quicker, while sending a positive flow of energy through your body.        


  $95.00   $125.00
  Prenatal Massage is a gentle massage that avoids sensitive areas of the body, with mom-to-be lying on her side. Pillows and cushions support the legs and belly for comfort. Benefits for the mom-to-be include: eased back and foot pain; reduced pelvic pain, stress levels, and swelling of feet and ankles; enhanced skin elasticity to reduce stretch marks; improved sleep and digestion; and a relaxed and soothed baby! Please consult your doctor about Prenatal Massage.        

30 Minute Upper Body Table Massage


Chair Massage

           10 Minute Massage    $15.00+  
   20 Minute Massage    $20.00+  
   30 Minute massage    $30.00+