Studio D&G
Full Service hair salon in Upper Montclair, NJ

Face and Skin Services

Make-Up & Misc. Services 

         Make Me Up    $40.00+
   Make-Up Application    $65.00+
   Eyelash Application    $25.00+

Eyelash Extensions


Lash Sets

  Subtle Set (50-65 per eye) $110.00
    A natural looking set of lash extension.  
  Full Set (70-90 per eye) $145.00

A more glamorous, slightly dramatic look!



  Low Maintenance Fill (1-2 weeks) $50.00
  High Maintenance Fill (3-4 weeks) $70.00


*Fill-ins will vary from individual to individual and depend on your natural eyelash cycle as well as how you take care of your extended lashes. Most Fill-ins are between 2-4 weeks. You are eligible for a Fill-in if at least 50% of your lash extensions are still attached. If you wait too long many of your extensions may fall off and you will need to have a full set re-applied.

*Lash Removal $25.00-free with new set

*Re-application of eyelash extensions for existing client: $25 discount

*Glitter and colored lash extensions available for additional charge

*Eyelash Extension results will vary depending on eye shape, lash line, lash style, and lash length selected.

Our Lash Extension Specialists are all certified and trained by Minkys